Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Day in the Howe Hood

I guess I have to go back on my "mood med". Had a great nights sleep, woke up thinking I can make it a good day and make healthy eating choices. (Ha, Ha). Fought with hubby right off, (coffee ring on bathroom sink and toilet seat cover), says he has decided that we will spring clean this weekend and he will take care of it then!!!

OK, so that is how it started, I got in my car to go to work and came very close to just keep on trucking down 295 and straight out of town. I do want to do this anymore!!! But no, I went to work, got my right sided migraine, cried in the bathroom, but did not eat anything unhealthy! Even when a co-worker told me just how great the chocolate was and did I want a piece. Of course I wanted the whole bag, but I said no, as I ate my apple and lowfat cheddar cheese.

Then things got crazy, my head hurt, we had rude patients-- and oh LUNCH TIME. Yeah!! Instead of going to the break room to have my healthy lunch that I packed, out to Burger King I went. I don't even like Burger King, but for some reason it sounded good.

Went back to work had a good afternoon, migraine gone, time to go where "to the gym". UGH, but I said to myself I have to due to the gross lunch I ate. So I proudly did 40 minutes of cardio and came home to a pulled pork that I had in the crock pot all day. It came out just great and Jeff gave me a big hug and we both decided it was back on the "mood pill".

Oh well I am going to chalk this up as one of my ok days and hope that tomorrow will be a better, healthy day.

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  1. Good for you on going to the gym and forgive yourself for the Burger King. Love you!