Friday, April 17, 2009

Yes, it is 11:2pm and I am going to blog. A big part of me said, "oh no it is too late and you are too drunk", but you know what I think, "it is the best time to blog". Except for all the typos I have to keep going back to.

I have an absolutely fantastic day. Got up, brought by coffee back to bed to read and enjoyed, (something I have not done in probable a year). Got up and dressed because I brought J to work to pick him up for dinner plans with friends at Margheritas.

Brought Brody to the dog park until I noticed that he was limping with one of his paws. Went home cleaned by car, had lunch and went to a local beach to walk the dog. I just happened to mention to an email friend that I would be at a local beach to walk my dog. My God, she was there. As it was that particular beach the dog walking ended 4/1/09, so my friend, who I was very surprised to see, told me about another beach done the road that was still dog friendly. I was shocked that she chose to come to meet me at beach, or at all, so I felt great. Then we went to the other beach and saw another friend with her boyfriend and two dogs and I felt that I was lucky for having two friends that I did not expect to see and yet it felt so natural to be there with them.

J and I went out tonight to meet other friends and had a good time. I always wonder why I don't remember all of the friends that I do have here away from my comfort zone who would always do something I would recommend? I think that they are too hesitant too. I hope that I can change that now that I see it.

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  1. Yeah I could tell you were a little drunk. But I hope you remember that you have friend out of your comfort zone. so I think it was a good thing that you blogged while drunk. I am glad you had a good day.