Monday, April 20, 2009

I had a great week-end, although not totally healthy, I got alot of exercise in at the beach with Brody my dog. He loves the water almost as much as I do, of course he can go in this time of year. We walked both Friday and Sunday and I went to the gym with hubby on Saturday.

My husband and I really connected and I felt good. He took me to a fabulous restaurant, and my choices were ok diet wise, but totally blew it on the drinks. I do love my alcohol!! So all and all it went well.

Now it was Monday and who likes Mondays, not me...But work was ok and the only screw up was black licorice and 1, only 1 Lintz (sp) chocolate ball. A huge salad for lunch and my usual fruit and protein for snacks. My sugar reading was a bit high for me though 176, usually it is around 100. So, of course I was dizzy for a few minutes. It did manage to get back down a couple of hours later. My husband had the day off because of Patriots Day and he cleaned the house and made a steak and broccoli dinner that was great. Just a sugar free popsicle for desert. After work I did manage to go to the gym for 40 minutes of cardio and 30 sit ups and 30 weight lifting with my arms with 10lbs in each hand and then stretching.

I consider this to be a successful day of taking care of myself and only hope that this feeling will be with me when I wake up tomorrow.

I am reading this book called Night Swimming--obviously the writter knows alot about being overweight!! You should check it out.

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