Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fed up

I am new to this blog thing, but I see it works for my sister who blogs about things to help with her frustrations, happiness, fun and sharing. So here goes...

I am a 48 (soon to be 49) year old female who has lost struggle after struggle with fat!! I always do well and have even been going to a gym for two years now. How much weight have I lost? 35 lbs!! Yes that is it. I am proud of that, but for the last few weeks I have lost my desire for the gym, watching my food intake and just plain fed up.

I have a good life with a wonderful husband, (who has done fantastic at the gym, he did not need to lose any weight just wanted to buff up and he has succeeded, lucky him), a wheaton terrier that I love even though he can be a pain in the ass and a part time job that for the most part is pretty decent.

I went to a "Life Coach" for one whole year and found that it was very easy to lie to her. I despise lies, but never think of it as bad when it concerns diets. I have been diagnosed with diabetes that is controlled with meds and is actually very good, but not good enough to go off. I am also on several other meds that I am desperately trying to go off from.

I have had a great day, doing some typing for the doctors I work for and housekeeping, laundry walking with the dog, feeding the dog and prepping for a nice taco supper just to find out that my husband does not plan on being home too early, (he is going to the gym, I lied and told hime I went when I did not, I do it often). I get so fed up that I want to find something really good to eat, (not that we have anything in the house, but I do have a car and an ice cream shop around the corner), so I decided to give this a try instead.

I do actually feel better and have decided to have a huge glass of water and wait for hubby so that we can have a good supper.


  1. Hi G,
    First off, LOVE YOU! Cannot wait to see you again. Second, I know I will probably get punched for my comments but I too have issues with food. I guess everyone does to one degree or another. Currently I am taking a moment to read blogs with a dish of ice cream in front of me. I only took two small scoops but still, I should have skipped it all together. Stress eating...it's my downfall. So I wanted to tell you keep up the good work! I will also go get a big glass of water so I am not tempted to move onto the chips. Love ya!

  2. I am so happy to see your blog. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  3. My God, to see that two people who mean the world to me are believing in me means soo much!!!! Thank you. You are great.